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No time for complacency 

One of the greatest danger we face now is complacency, but this virus is extremely dangerous. However, tht world population remain constant in terms of strengthening the neglected sectors. Recently The Educational Minister said government will reopen the schools, universities on September 15 if the situation would improve . I felt excited listening this, since my self could experienced good moments while schools shut down in the time of COVID-19 inorder to safe ourselves . Remember citizens the virus is not fully under control or curbed . It is continued until a vaccine found . Although Pakistan’s hardworking efforts brought changes as recently Microsoft Founder ( Bilgates) praised Imran Khan Although the online learning is not satisfactory in our homes and centers without the unavailability of internet connection. According to reports crores of students have been affected by child labour jobs and it could be impossible to once again shift them in school.  COVID-19 has put the educational sector into a tailspin . Actually the economic harm of closing schools is significant. But the question initially arises what remains for the future name of education? Will tht nations sink ? I am much obscured that government is convinces aboreut the value of education. Secondly a news emerge and narrated the educational institutions will reopen with strict SOPs. It is really surprising to see the citizens are against of SOPs as they consider the virus a rumour and a force action imposed in the country. So the educational authorities should look up to the situation and not reopen schools at this time .