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Hazards of a loudmouthed Foreign Minister

  • COAS has to attend to foreign affairs

This is happening again and again and this does not help the country. What’s more, it reflects badly on the party running the country.

The PTI has collected a rare variety of spoilers who lack diplomatic niceties and create problems for the country. What is more, they create a highly negative perception about politicians.

Soon after the PTI came to power, PM Imran Khan’s Adviser on Commerce, Textile, Industry & Production and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood, acted like a loose gun. He told The Financial Times that Pakistan was rethinking its role in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road plan. He was also quoted as saying that in the case of CPEC Pakistan “should put everything on hold for a year so we can get our act together.” The stand was unexpected as Pakistan and China were already working together on CPEC which benefitted both, particularly Pakistan. In China, Mr Khan was known at the time as a man whose Islamabad sit-in led to the cancellation of President Xi’s scheduled visit to Pakistan.

The grave mistrust in China led Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa to undertake a trip to Beijing where he met President Xi and assured him that the Pakistani side resolutely supported the Belt and Road Initiative and Pakistan always placed relations with China at a primary strategic position and always sided with China on issues involving each other’s core interests.

This time Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi has acted as a spoiler in the country’s relations with Saudi Arabia, one of Pakistan’s oldest allies and supporters. Mr Qureshi acted as man who has no sense of diplomatic niceties. He asked the Saudi Arabia-led OIC to stop “dilly-dallying” on the convening of a meeting of its Council of Foreign Ministers on Kashmir. He also said Pakistan could not wait any further. Didn’t Mr Qureshi know that Riyadh is yet to respond to Pakistan’s request to extend the oil credit facility? Couldn’t the PM stop Mr Qureshi from proceeding to China now?

Four days back the Saudi ambassador called on General Bajwa to discuss matters of mutual interest, the regional security situation and bilateral defence relations between the two countries. This was understandable as after the PTI coming to power, more foreign dignitaries and ambassadors call on the COAS than the PM. The COAS will now try to undo the mischief caused by the Foreign Minister.


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  2. sheep head said:

    The PTI sheep head IK has collected a rare variety of sheep:
    1. Abdul Razak Dawood: sheep roamed inadvertently on CEPC gardens
    2. Trusted sheep Usman blindly avoided IMF and very lately put in the pen embarssingly
    3. Sarawar sheep Khan: This sheep has trumpled on entire Paki Aviation in single run
    4.Well dressed sheep Quershi: simply squatted and jumped sheepishly like a joker in circus without hat
    and many more….
    Bazwa is the ultimate saviour….

  3. sheep head said:

    Fish spoils and rots from Head! It is an universal truth.
    Sheep-head/fish head IK and his chela fish
    1. Sarawar sheep Khan single offhandedly demolished Paki aviation for decades
    2. Closest friend fish Usman gave a single stroke to delay IMF and brought paki rupee to deeper than deepest.
    3. Steel fish demolished all mills and all population
    4. Railway fish doing all round job domolition
    5. This Soot boot Quershi sheep (expecting to become a new Sheep-head) terminating one by one age old friends. This joker should have kept in a circus to give daily fashion shows?

  4. Shabbo said:

    The ultimate truth is that PM Imran himself is incompetent. His hospitals receive special kickbacks from Army and his accountability drive is sham.

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