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CJ Athar holds CDA responsible for destroying Islamabad master plan & environment

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court (IHC) Justice Athar Minallah on Thursday said that the CDA has destroyed the master plan and environment of Islamabad, adding that the authority has been a facilitator to a system engulfed in corruption.

While hearing a case based on land grabbing and illegal housing societies in Islamabad, the IHC CJ used the example of “Torabora”, an Afghan city ruined by US bombers in search of Osama Bin Laden, to reflect on the state of the federal capital.

“The prime minister rightly said that the institutions are being controlled by mafias, Islamabad is a better example of this, it has been turned into Torabora,” He said.

The CJ mentioned in the hearing that deputy commissioner, district officials, and the concerned SHO will be held liable for any land encroached in their area.

“Under which law the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) is running a housing society?” Asked the IHC judge.

Justice Minallah pointed out that the primary task of FIA is to probe the irregularities yet it was deeply vested into real estate.

The IHC top judge further lamented around how land grabbing and illegal housing societies were also an active cause of environmental degradation as deforestation is practised to get the plots ready.

Lamenting that the 1400sq mile capital city has no law, Justice Minallah said that the land encroachment is underway despite the presence of DC Islamabad. “The office of the DC Islamabad is used and then a frontman carries out the task.”

The IHC told the DC Islamabad that from tomorrow there should not be any complaint of land grabbing and in case of a complaint, the DC and SHO will be responsible.

To which, the DC responded that the housing societies under the National Assembly, Senate, Interior Ministry and other ministries are illegal.

He assured the court that he is taking responsibility that in the next weeks there will be no complaint of land grabbing.