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Preparing for independence day

Independence Day on August 14th is celebrated every year across the nation. The moment will not only be celebrated in governmental offices, but also in schools and colleges as well. The National Day is followed since 1947. This time it is 74th year of celebration. Independence Day Celebration In Educational Institutions Flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs take place in governmental and non-governmental institutions throughout the country. Schools and colleges conduct flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural events. Major government buildings are often adorned with strings of lights. A week before the day of celebration, children enjoy the time of preparation they spend in schools. Skipping classes during practice may be a part of their happiness, but they are over excited in preparing themselves for the performances too. They spend more than half-a-day in school practicing for march-past, speech, dance, sports, cultural activities and more. Independence Day Speech Tips and Ideas for Teachers Well, below are few slides which shows how schools celebrate Independence Day. Remembrance of our freedom fighters It is the 74th year, Pakistan is celebrating its Independence. It is the day when we all get together to thank and remember our great freedom fighters who brought us a free country. Schools celebrate Independence day All schools and colleges celebrate the Independence day every year. The program starts off with the flag hoisting, by the Head of the Institute/School. March-past Students in school perform March-past with the drill playing loud and tri-colour flag, flying high. College Students Students of colleges do take part in the celebration. They do march-past with the pakistan flag paying tribute to the motherland ‘PAKISTAN’. Children gather together After the hoisting of flag and the march-past students are gathered together for a small speech given by the head of the School/ Institution. Cultural dance Following the speech, there are dance programs and other cultural events performed by students. Students perform Acts on Pakistani history Students take part in several activities. They perform acts related to the British rule and stories related to our Pakistani history. Children perform dance in tri-colour Children dress up in tri-colour and perform dances giving tribute to the Motherland. Children dress like great leaders Children dress up like great freedom fighters of pakistan and give a short speech regarding their tributes and sacrifices to make Pakistan a independent nation. Children in the attire of great leaders On this day all the great personalities, leaders and those who played a major role in bringing independence to pakistan are remembered. Children form Pakistan map Children dressed up in traditional attire form the outline look of the Pakistan map. Celebration of Independence day Teachers provide students with sweets and gifts at the end of the program. Students enjoy the whole day of celebration with their parents and friends at school. Independence day is something special. We all are ONE. Come, lets get together and celebrate the ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’.

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    every where you write that in tri color our country flag has two colors green and white … very bad practice correct your mistakes and its 73rd year of independence

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