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Kashmir woes

Although we got freedom from the colonial power in 1947, yet the masses suffer under tyrannical power under different guises. Their lives have not changed much, rather gone worse sighing under the weight of crushing poverty. At the time of partition, the princely states could join either India or Pakistan. India however, in total disregard of the laid down principles took over many states by force with no regard for the will of the people. In connivance with Maharaja Hari Singh, India entered the Kashmir valley. The local population revolted to this action and Pakistan tried to support the locals as much as it could. India at this point went to the UN, where a resolution was passed which called both India and Pakistan to stop the fighting. The resolution recommended that people of the Kashmir be asked to decide whether they wanted to join India or Pakistan. This resolution has been sitting idle at the UN since 1948. There have been three wars between Pakistan and India, but the issue remains unresolved. While much of the blame of this issue not being resolved lies on the stubborn and sleazy behavior of India, our political and the ruling class has not helped the cause either. Although all parties and other stakeholders at home claim that Kashmir is their priority and they all stand united, the reality seems far from that. It seems that the issue is used more as a bargaining chip and to gain power. Once the leaders get their clutches on power, Kashmir does not seem their concern beyond lip service. For example, on August 05, all political parties, those in power and in opposition seemingly took a united stand for Kashmir. However, the speeches of the PM and the leader of the opposition in the AJK assembly on two different days clearly reflect that a consensus is just an illusion.  tell a different story. Similarly, their stance in political gatherings also shows that they are using the issue more for point scoring and maligning each other than being united against India. Maybe, India realizes that and hence never budges from its stubborn stance. We will never be able to force India to a negotiating table until we really have ONE strong clear policy on the Kashmir issue that is towed by every party and individual irrespective of who is in power. Shifts in policy and blaming opponents for petty political gains will not take us anywhere in this case.

Raja Shafaatullah