Every institution is busy in housing society business: IHC CJ | Pakistan Today

Every institution is busy in housing society business: IHC CJ

Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice Athar Minullah on Wednesday said that every state institution “seems to be busy in the business of real estate” while they should rather be the one looking into the irregularities of the business.

The CJ passed his remarks while coming across a case related to housing societies in Islamabad being built under the name of state institutions.

“Is the Federal Investigation Agency authorised to do business? FIA should be the one looking into these matters, but it has become a part of it,” said the chief justice.

The judge further indicated that several serving officials are a part of the real estate business. “Is the Capital Development Authority a regulator or not? The city’s environment seems to be in shambles.”

Responding to the complaint raised by the chief justice, the officials from the relevant societies asserted that the societies have been established by the officials, and not the institutions.

“The institutions, not employees, are building and operating these housing societies,” responded the judge.

The complainant’s lawyer argued that FIA bought the land for its employees but then sold it to a housing society.

The court, after hearing the arguments, summoned the deputy commissioner and CDA officials in the matter and adjourned the hearing until tomorrow.