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Emerging Pakistan 

Pakistan has become “a must go to place for the leaders around the world”, it is an emerging power and also has a reflection of activist foreign policy that Prime minister Imran Khan has pursued. It still is lacking in Pakistani system that we don’t not follow-up, there is a substance to the relationship that we are trying to establish with our partners and those structural weaknesses are what we need to focus on.

The kind of network of relationship that we are developing around the world is appraisable but the focus has to remain on the neighborhood because if Pakistan doesn’t manage its periphery well then it is difficult to think in terms of credible, regional and global affairs. However the attention for the next few years needs to be to maintain the relations in our sub-continent in a manner that freezes us to really focus the larger region of Asia and the world. We are in a sense at a moment of geo-politics opportunity because when the world order is settled then there are very few spaces left for us to expand. Today the great advantage for Pakistan is a great deal of transaction of dynamic change which is taking place in the geo-politics landscape that itself is creating opportunities for emerging countries like Pakistan and this is a moment for us to seize and ensure that our foreign policy is really geared to.

Shafi Ahmed Khowaja

Jati Sujawal