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Case filed against KE’s CEO after youth dies of electrocution

KARACHI: A case has been filed against K-Electric’s chief executive after a youth died of electrocution in the city’s upscale Defence Phase VII area.

The case, filed at the Defence Police Station by the 22-year-old’s uncle mentions four people, including KE CEO Moonis Alvi. Uncle told police that the boy was in Karachi for a visit from Mansehra.

The deceased’s uncle has claimed that he, along with the boy, had gone out for a walk when they saw that there was no door fixed at a substation of the power utility.

“Faizan went inside and got electrocuted,” he said, adding that after the incident took place, KE accused his nephew of theft.

KE spokesperson stated that the electrocution incident was caused due to unauthorized tampering and trespassing inside a live KE substation which is highly dangerous.

“K-Electric continues to run awareness campaigns in order to inform people to stay away from power installations,” the spokesperson said.

KE has reiterated that the safety of human life remains the topmost priority of the company and on this account, the power utility has been urging citizens to maintain a safpakspe distance from power infrastructure through safety awareness messages.

Unauthorized tampering and encroachment of sensitive electrical infrastructure damages equipment and can cause fatal electrocutions.

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