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Tree plantation drive

  • Nothing groundbreaking about it

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched another tree plantation drive under his leadership on Sunday, the original one being the ‘Billion Tree Tsunami Project’ that began in 2014 in KP, which was the only province the PTI won in the 2013 general elections. While the cause is noble, it is hardly a groundbreaking original idea. Almost every PM before Mr. Khan has done it, with a photo op to boot. Mian Nawaz Sharif launched a ‘National Green Day’ in 2017 aimed at planting 100 million trees while Yousaf Raza Gilani went for a more modest 50 million saplings when he was prime minister. The primary motivation behind such campaigns is to gain political mileage given the nobility of the cause and how it positively affects the environment. But one needs to be wary about the claims that are made about how many trees are actually planted. Planting a sapling and distributing seeds being counted as a tree coming to fruition, something that has been widely done under the Billion Tree Tsunami Project is misleading. By its own admission, the KP government has counted the natural regeneration of trees, which accounts for 60% of the supposed billion trees, as its own achievement. It is also quite difficult to accurately quantify the success of these plantation drives making it near impossible to give full credit to the efforts of one particular government. The National Accountability Bureau opening an inquiry into KP’s billion tree project after detecting losses of Rs 462 million through embezzlement and misappropriation of funds raises questions about the credibility and effectiveness of the campaign

That being said, one has to appreciate that PM Imran Khan, leveraging his following of the youth, has motivated a lot of volunteers to contribute to the latest plantation drive. If the savagery of the ongoing summer rainy season is any indication, climate change is a very real threat that is bound to get worse each passing year. Afforestation has the potential to reverse global warming and climate change, improve air quality and generate employment opportunities. By limiting soil erosion, trees have the capacity to indirectly reduce the impact of flooding thereby protecting crops and limiting loss of life. There is nothing wrong with having tree plantation drives so long as they are executed responsibly with transparency and oversight to generate tangible results

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  1. Haroon Rashid said:

    Compliment the Editorial just in the right time of acknowledgement to “Climate Change” which a Ministry in islamabad with event management, coffee, cookies, 5 Star hotel that’s it.
    I did not see the Ministry of Climate Change have had NGO’s following which could be few. Now Climate Change, Environment is every days business. The best this to compliment the PM is acknowledgement of Climate Change and the related Mobile Phone App., that will keep track of the trees planted, location, date/time, and the on going status of the plantations where ever in Pakistan. I would want the honorable Editor Pakistan Today to write this note to inspire the PM, the Ministry of Climate Change, the Ministry of Environment which was an event management NGO. Funds spent on anniversaries, tea, cookes, 5 star style, prizes, celebrities movie stars, Halla Gulla, Gifts, soveniors, lavish food served, tea shirts, tea shirts, even jam packed with models, movie stars, moonshine every where. The NGO has to be shaken from their work should be emailed to Climate Change. Imagine rain floods in Karachi these, days and they will continue. We have WMO accession and why the NGO’s learn Climate Change. There should be bicycles in Karachi with incentives, and bicycle track. No NGO has taken the initiative to use bicycle, or Climate Change ministry never used bicycle. Should I request to the honorable Swedish Thunberg to visit Karachi and visit he NGO’s, of Environment, Climate Change. How many NGO’s, Climate Change Civil Society has used todate. The honorable Consul General Germany, Karachi has arranged bicycles and asked the Peoples Party to he want to have ride with the NGO on Sea View, Clifton, Karachi with Girls, women. The people to join of the poor girls of Lyari Slums. No one else. The Honorable Consul General drove bicycle with the girls of Lyari, Karachi on the sea View and ladies, Madams of Clifton, DHA Karachi were stunned to see the Consul General. After cycling session with girls of Lyari he enjoyed chat with the with beverages etc., This process is on. The Danish Muncipal Mayor Ms. Hidalgo goes and comes back from home to the Muncipal Office on Cycle. I wrote to the KMC Mayor on his status. There was no reply.

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