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Rooting out extremism

In these times Extremism is a huge challenge being squared up by different political, social and cultural organisations right across the world. This phenomena of extremism or fanaticism has curbed the ways of development and progress for the human race in different parts of the world. It is not a brand new sensation for us but it has played havoc in different ages of human history.

When a mind denies to accept the idea or thought of another mind this is how extremism emerges. Basically we call it conflict of ideas but actually it is conflict of  interests which transforms into extremism. Extremism has unleashed innumerable and unbearable destruction and the whole world is full of its examples. Modi who is pitched as the Prime Minister of india to let out facist agenda of RSS which is to subject muslims and other minorities to brutality and bigotry. Human Sufferings in Kashmir is blatant example of modi,s loyalty towards his masters that even in the days of malady he has managed bligirance with sheer consistency.

Tenacious massacre in palestine launched by Israel on behest of  its masters seems to have no end. Massive explosion in Beirut was an intrigue or an incident nobody knows!,  It can be said that the right to Life liberty is like a soulless body and UNO doesn’t seem interested in activating this right then what should be done? Humans on this earth have tolerated a lot on account of fanatic approach and extremism. The pluralistic approach of government towards each other and finding the ways for pacific settlement of dispute can revive the peace of this planet

Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Hussain Abad