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Progress at what cost?

My name is Syed Mustafa and I’m a LUMS MBA alumnus. I have some agricultural land in the vicinity of the proposed “River Ravi Front – Urban development project. The farmers/land owners of the area are extremely worried about whether or not their land will be acquired for this project and at what price. Staple food growing land and miles of age old fruit orchards stand at a perilous risk of elimination. Only Livelihood of thousands of families is at stake. People of the area are completely unaware of their fate. Whose land will be acquired and assurance of fair market price are the question marks. This project may or may not see light of the day but the people of the area will lose their ancestral land and livelihood in the process. Even if the project is so significant and unavoidable, the compensation to farmers should be significantly over the prevailing market price in order to cover farmer’s cost of relocation. Sir! I appeal to you to become the voice of these people who are facing an impending doom. We shall be forever grateful.

Syed Mustafa Sarfraz