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Loadshedding and online classes

Students are very worried about untimely load shedding and its recurrence because it has interfered with our daily activities – this sudden power outage plays a big role in ruining most of our work. And now it’s not just about business and home issues, but now this untimely load shedding has also bothered us because of the recent virus and the lockdown that has been put in place to prevent it.  While it has interfered with business life, it has also created problems for students. As a result, where the education system completely suspended, but now online classes in universities such as higher education and the electronic devices used in them are in dire need of electricity and the way online classes.  The concept of online classes can not be applied without the Internet and signals. Similarly, in the absence of electricity, it is unthinkable – so the problems that students are facing due to this sudden load shedding are worth considering. While this untimely and constant load shedding disrupts online classes, they are also having great difficulty in preparing their assignments. We request the government to stop the damage caused by this low shedding and save us from it so that we can focus on our education and play our best role for our better future and our country’s development.

Shehzadi Hasan Ali,