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Controversy mars ‘downgraded’ Cambridge results

LAHORE: As Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) announced results of A-level students, the criticism has intensified of this year’s makeshift results based on purported downgrading of predictions provided by teachers.

On Pakistan’s request and in view of the global coronavirus crisis, the Cambridge International had in March cancelled all examinations in the country scheduled to be held in May and June. It had instead decided to grade students based on skills and knowledge gained in their respective courses.

However, multiple reports suggest the nearly 40 percent of grades submitted by teachers were downgraded for being “too generous” when exam results were published on Monday.

According to a Guardian report, close to 2 million teacher assessments were adjusted downwards and in many cases ignored completely.

In England, the examination regulator, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), said schools would be able to appeal if they expected “a very different pattern of grades to results in previous years”. But Ofqual will not allow individual students to appeal against their grades on academic grounds.

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  1. Afaf said:

    The grading system for this year is extremely unjuust i couldnt even imagine this level of downgrading in my result
    Moreover if i compare my performance in chemisty it is lower than that of physics but when it comes to the grades they gave me its extremely unfair as i have been graded with a better grade in chemistry and a lower one in physics

  2. B-2 Spirit said:

    Why the do we have a British education system functioning in our country? Sounds silly.

  3. Howard said:

    Why do they just not give you the AS result as Wales are doing ?

    AS is the best prediction of your final A level grade.

  4. mahnoor said:

    why dont they just give us As grades? i got U in A2 which is totally pointless. how can you grade someone U when he/she didnt even give the should have at least passed us. i have already spent 3 years in my alevels and because of this U in one subject i have to waste another year.what is this behavior .please give us the exact same result as As .

    • Ayeshah Mughal said:

      Exactly same here!! They really should have given us our results based on AS Level!!

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