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CITY NOTES: Sacrificing dual nationals in office

Imran Khan is hampered at every turn by the malign influence of Nawaz Sharif and the mafias. Did anyone notice the sacrifice he made this Eid of two special assistants? Tania Aidrus and Dr Zafar Mirza resigned because of their inability to take the pressure being put on them because of their dual nationality. That would imply that the five other SAPMs who have dual nationality or foreign residency either have no shame and are very well able to deal with the pressure, thank you, or are too obscure to merit any pressure.
It was all a conspiracy of Nawaz Sharif, of course, the two have been especially infiltrated into Imran’s cabinet (presumably with the task of stealing his false teeth out of his mouth while he snored at his desk). By resigning, they showed they were corrupt elements, who were to be swept aside with an iron hand. Dr Mirza has been replaced by the CEO of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC), Dr Faisal Sultan. Short of replacing him with a medical major general, Imran could not have made a more patriotic choice. It is a given, of course, that Dr Faisal is not part of any mafia.
Look at the sugar mafia, which apparently sponsored Jahangir Tareen. Imran should have been suspicious of him because he had headed Shehbaz Sharif’s task force on agriculture back in the day. But taking on Shaukat Khanum Hospital’s staff shows that PM Imran will finally have people around him he can trust.
There are rumours that Usman Buzdar is trying for a ward boy’s position, but is being told that that is a position of responsibility, and thus requires intelligence.
Now that Dr Faisal has made his way, the next step is to pick a foreign affairs specialist from among the staff. What to do with Shah Mahmood Qureshi? Well, there is more than one Shaukat Khanum Hospital, so there are positions all over the country. And anyway, we need Qureshi where he is.
Now that Narendra Modi has been sent tethering by our new map, it’s just a matter of time before he runs scared. Buzdar has driven the final nail in his coffin and has more or less liberated Kashmir, by his announcement that there would be a Srinagar Road in every division.
That was to parallel the federal move, which renamed the Kashmir Highway the Srinagar Highway. That was a masterstroke which had Modi scurrying to Ayodhya, where he took refuge in a Ramjanambhoomi Pujan. We can imagine the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders hiding in that temple, while Imran strides into Srinagar, beating away all resistance with a rolled-up map.
The map idea seems to have been borrowed from Nepal, which had its parliament pass a map showing the areas it disputes with India as disputed areas. Of course, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government made no such compromise with the corrupt elements that call themselves the opposition, and it apparently only involved Buzdar in the cartographical exercise.
But there are other things abroad that Qureshi will have to deal with. The onus of proving that Pakistan had nothing to do with the blast rests with him. Pakistan, you ask. Well, it was a blast, wasn’t it? Who else gets blamed? To top it all, it was caused by tons and tons of fertilizer. It should be noted that our DAP fertilizer is the one containing ammonium, as a phosphate, not a nitrate, but we can’t stop Indian propaganda against Fauji Fertilizer.
We have got a hold on coronavirus deaths, which the United States has not, and we’ve avoided doing what Kenya has had to do, which was to cancel the school year. Kenyan kids will have to do over the school year because there won’t be any freebie promotions like we did. One of their complications is that the school year runs January to December, not September to May.
Having got a hold on the coronavirus, because of the sagacious leadership and personal interest of the Prime Minister, we will hopefully avoid him having to say about the number of dead as US President Donald Trump had to, saying, “It is what it is.”
I wonder how the traders who wanted to avoid the pre-Eid Punjab lockdown felt. I’m not sure the lockdown worked, because the number of Covid-19 infections has been rising. And that I think is because of the curse of the police. They have been waiting for months now to implement any or all SOPs, looking the other way for a suitable fee. They have not been given that chance. The police are unhappy because the government has not yet found a way for them to make money the way they previously did. They look at Kenya, not because the school year has been lost, but because the cops there have been allowed to shoot lockdown violators.

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