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Ease in Lockdown

The government’s smart lockdown policy seems to be succeeding as Asad umar talk with media after NCOC Meeting yesterday, has decided to open various sectors in which tourist places, restaurants are allowed to sit, double rides are allowed to open at times. The timing is being changed as the working hours used to be  before the Corona virus has been revert and also many sectors have been opened, transport sector  and railway sector and  air travel, all these things have been opened by the government. That is a welcome development for the people of Pakistan and, as in the case of the corona virus, gradually down .This means that the government has decided to open all the sectors that it has opened to the remaining sectirs which are marriage halls and educational institutions from September 15. Before the educational institutions open from September 15, review  will be done on September 7. NCOC have to look further at the situation of corona virus whether the cases are gradually decreasing or not or our case graph is going up then considering this the government will decide some improvement for the educational institutions inshallah and now We have our own precautionary measures. Asad Omar said that we should not skip the footsteps of precaution because there is no danger of corona virus. Care must be taken to reduce our cases and this shows that the implementation of Smart Lockdown  policies of the government seems to be successful and the world is following Pakistan’s smart lockdown policy and the world is also following the representatives of Pakistan. In adopting the policy, we must not be cautious and be careful we will survive the corona virus situation and we will be given back our lives and we will live happily ever after as we were living before the corona virus.

Muhammad Naeem