75.9pc Covid-19 patients were under 50 in Pakistan, reveals official data | Pakistan Today

75.9pc Covid-19 patients were under 50 in Pakistan, reveals official data

ISLAMABAD: Of the total number of people infected by coronavirus in Pakistan so far, 75.9 per cent were under the age of 50 years, according to official records of cases since the first onslaught of the virus on February 25 until the current month of August.

The records revealed that among women, those from the age group of 21-30 years were most affected, with 20,449 women from this group infected till the time the data was compiled.

Around 77 medical staffers lost their lives to Covid-19 while fighting coronavirus, as well as 53 doctors, revealed the documents. A medical student, two nurses and 20 paramedical staff also succumbed to the coronavirus.

The documents also mentioned other aspects of the government’s measures to curb the disease and educate the masses on preventive measures.

They stated that the Centre provided Rs25 billion to provincial and federal health sectors in Pakistan, while private hospitals were lent loans with the facility of a low 3% markup rate.

The National Disaster Management Authority was given Rs25.3 billion by the federal government in the fight against the pandemic.

The federal cabinet also approved a Rs1 million ‘Shaheed Package’ for those who succumbed in the line of duty.

As for awareness campaigns, the documents revealed that around 10 types of awareness messages were spread among 80.5 million people.

It said that 80 posts for public awareness were made on social media platforms from official accounts, which were viewed by 40 million people.

The 1166 helpline for the coronavirus pandemic received around five million calls, with 30,000 calls daily.

The documents said that printed material raising awareness against the virus and mentioning preventive measures was distributed among 800,000 people across the country.

Earlier, the official mortality data released by Edhi Foundation for coronavirus deaths in Karachi in June had revealed that about 72.5% of the deceased were men, whereas, 27.06% were women.

The findings are based on data collected between June 1 and June 27.

Among the males to have fallen prey to Covid-19, data showed that the vast majority of deaths (85.5%) occurred in men aged between 45 and 84 years.