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Karachi’s sewage 

Through the column of your well-known newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards the bad condition of the sewage system in our city .

I’m a citizen of Karachi .Majority of the city’s roads and streets are filled with sewage water. It has damaged the infrastructure and continues to cause a traffic gridlock on almost all the main arteries of the city.

There are two main reasons for accumulation of sewerage water on the roads: a deteriorated sewerage infrastructure and blockage of sewerage lines by cloth, bags of sand and solid bricks placed by some “unidentified” elements.

The blockage of the sewerage system is becoming a sensitive issue with every passing day with the responsible parties – Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, DMCs and KMC – doing little over nothing to remedy the problem.

Whenever a rain spell hits Karachi, water accumulates for hours on the roads and streets.  Due to the absence of a proper drainage system .