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Freedom is a basic right

 It’s been a year now since Kashmir is under a strict lockdown, making it unbearable for them to live peacefully and a lot of them wish that they could just die instead of living in this cruel world where their basic right of freedom is not given to them. Every day we hear unfortunate news of Kashmiris being killed because of raising their voice for freedom and peaceful life.

We live in such a cruel world where UAE despite being a Muslim country awarded Narendra Modi with ‘highest civilian award’ right after he put a curfew on Kashmir where a majority of individuals are Muslims and there was no one to raise their voice against it, not a single country condemned this act of UAE.

Corona attacked the world and left everyone helpless even the most powerful countries of the world couldn’t save themselves from this virus. Every single individual was locked in their homes, unable to leave their houses or roam freely and after some time everyone started getting depressed and frustrated on how long this will go and how long they’ve to suffer. This is exactly what Kashmiris have been going through since last year till now, feeling helpless, caged in a small room, and not being able to go outside fearing that a single step outside their home will be the step towards their death.

We got our independence years ago but Kashmir is still struggling for it, its high time that all the world should stand with Kashmir and especially Muslim countries should give their full effort in making Kashmir a peaceful and free place for its people because they are human beings too and I believe freedom is the birthright of every single human being in this world.

Khizran Zehra Baloch