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Babar stars on Janmabhoomi celebration day

MANCHESTER/AYODHYA – Tone deaf Babar on Wednesday starred and saw the world stand up and applaud for him on a day dedicated to celebration and festivity surrounding Janmabhoomi.

Clearly misreading the script on a day where, if anything, he was required to be anonymous, or ideally horrendous, Babar demonstrated counterattack and aggression, while maintaining his class which sets him apart. As a result Babar was lauded and applauded on a day he should’ve been condemned and criticised.

Sources close to Babar convey that he was largely oblivious to the significance of what he was doing and how much of an imprint it is leaving on the region. Sources further confirm that Babar was just going about his business, doing what was best for him and his team.

However, critics maintain that Babar was fully aware of what he was doing, which is exemplified by what transpired the day after Janmabhoomi celebrations.

“It was a completely different Babar the very next day. It was a staggering contrast to what we saw the previous day. The intent wasn’t the same, and hence neither was the result,” explains one noted critic while talking to The Dependent on condition of anonymity.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


  1. Hindu Pakistani said:

    Being a Hindu Pakistani, this article hits below the belt in the name of satire. Would the author dare to ridicule the majority religion? I am as much Pakistani as others. Please don’t bring faith into this and make us feel like second class citizens.

    • Muslim Pakistani said:

      Get out of Pakistan. You are not welcome here.

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