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Beirut bleeds

Once again a most heart breaking news — The massive blast in Beirut capital city of Lebanon which pushed 100 people to death, 4,000 people are heavily injured and more than 100 are missing. The main reason told by government that the small blast which turned the plate was because of hazardous ammonium nitrate kept in a warehouse dangerously for last six (6) years. Prior to bang, Lebanon was facing economic crisis and this blast increased it’s rate up to 50 percent. Blast left so many citizens homeless. The impact of explosion can be seen throughout the half of the city with the damage of 3 billion dollars. Hospitals, hotels, shops everything tasted the sour. Injured patients were treated on the road because the nearby hospitals called st. George Hospital and other were cracked down. Lets pray for the betterment and revival of the city. Pakistan prays and shows its condolences to beirut, Lebanon

Suhail Saeed Tunio