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NAB chairman’s powers to induct officials unconstitutional: SC

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday took notice of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman’s powers to induct officials in the anti-graft body and observed that the Section 28 of the NAB Ordinance was against Article 240 of the Constitution.

In light of this observation, the apex court issued notice to the attorney general and sought the details of all the appointments made by the NAB chief.

Commenting on a case concerning a person, Nadeem, who called different important personalities while impersonating NAB director general and others, Justice Faez Isa stated that the anti-graft body was interfering in every matter.

“A reference should be filed against the NAB for not formulating rules and regulations since its formation in 1999”, he remarked.

During the hearing, Rawalpindi NAB DG Irfan Naeem Mangi revealed that he did not have any expertise in dealing with criminal cases and was an engineer by profession. His monthly salary was Rs420,000, he informed the court.

This admission came forward as Justice Isa questioned him about his qualification and experience. “How can you occupy such an important post in NAB,” the senior SC judge asked.

Justice ISA inquired, “Under which law does the NAB chairman make appointments in the organisation,” and added that everyone was pursuing their own agenda. He said that it was shocking that the appointments were made while going against the constitution.

“It would be better to hand over the government back to the British than imposing martial law”, said Justice Isa as he stressed the need for following the Constitution.

Justice Mushir Alam, the other member of the bench, asked the NAB prosecutor whether a forensic audit of the accused’s mobile phone was conducted. To which the NAB representative replied that they had not received the forensic report yet.

On the other hand, Justice Isa opined that how the accused, with schooling till only eighth grade and living in Bahawalpur was able to obtain the numbers of so many important personalities.