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Kashmir’s oppression

Exactly one year ago, Kashmir’s semi-autonomous status was scrapped by the presidential order and still today, the situation in the valley remains a powder keg of repression and fury. The boastful claim of the BJP-Led RSS inspired government in India that revocation of Article 370 and 35A will bring peace, prosperity and development in the region has turned on its head as the region continues to remain ravaged by daunting military presence and complete lockdown that has severely hampered, detained and obscured freedom of speech and movement. In other words, all kinds of dissent is brutally crushed. As the brutally by the Indian forces refuse to move an inch, so has the spirits of the Kashmiris as they stand defiant in this uphill battle against India for freedom and liberation.
No prizes for guessing that the real motive of BJP-led government headed by Modi was to bring the demographic change in the Kashmir Valley and make the Muslim majority chunk a minority in their own land. As the revocation of these two prime Articles in Indian Constitution has proved to be precursor for the passing of two controversial bills such as CAA and NRC, the largest democracy in the world has paved way for its own demise. As the rhetoric of the BJP government
Although the government in India and plaint media continue to rant that all is well in the Kashmir valley with the return of normalcy, the very claim is juxtaposed by the fact that the Kashmiri leaders even the pro-Indian ones remain incarcerated, freedom of speech remains null and void and draconian steps such as total communication blackout is routinely employed to clamp down on resistance. To add with, gross human rights violation of despicable nature is commonplace feature of the oppressed valley.
There is no denying of the fact that the occupied Kashmir now stands at the crossroads of economic, political and demographic disaster. With livelihood of the residents of the valley is severely curtailed due to the influx of outsiders who make a strain on employment opportunities and curfew, the Covid-19 situation has made matters worse than before. It is because the pandemic has given the military presence in the valley an added opportunity to put reins on movement. As Pakistan has represented itself as an ambassador for Kashmir and raised its voice blatantly on every international platform available, it should remain firm in its stance and must not allow India to get away with this travesty. As Pakistan has resonated its narrative loud and clear through its recent political map, such determination should not remain in paper only.

Hadia Mukhtar