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Karachi rain: blessing or flooding?

Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan which gives 70% of the revenue to the country. It is the most linguistic, ethnic and diverse city. Since past few times Karachi has not been stable. Recent example includes the monsoon spell of July 2020. This rain caused complete breakdown to urban life. Issues can be counted as mismanagement of roads, poor drainage systems, underground sewers and sidewalks. This overspill of drains caused flow of rain water, streets and lanes rendered unusable. 27 people died and many more injured. Snapping of wires and poles caused separate deaths too. People were stuck in their cars under the drained water for several hours. While, half a dozen cars were damaged and destroyed badly. Power was not even supplied in many areas due to electricity supply networks breakdown.
However, Karachi needs a little care and attention from the government who should provide valid funds, infrastructure plans and manpower. It builds itself, and it has the ability to build whole Pakistan if government provides a complete package. Government needs to take all necessary actions to save the city from the pollution and rain floods. People of Karachi have faced enough of dilemmas. And now this needs to STOP. NOW.