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Eid precautions

 This year the Eid has fallen on August 01, which is the month of monsoons. This Eid brings festivities of Qurbani and meat. However, Eid ul Duha falling in August has its dangerous side too. Rains, floods, and wet conditions increase the risk of electrocutions. People tend to be lax in their attitude and use electric poles to tie their animal increasing the risk of electrocution of animals and people. Similarly, during this season, insects, serpents, and adders thrive and are dangerous to human and cattle alike. People must be careful in wandering in green areas to graze their animals. A bite of a poisonous adder can be life threatening. If people are not careful in properly disposing off the blood, organs, and hides, they can become the sources of unbearable smell and diseases. Finally, this year we have the added risk of Coronavirus, which may become out of control if people are not careful about precautionary measures such as social distancing and hygiene. While the government is running an awareness campaign to educate people about risks related to Coronavirus, electrocution and disposing off the animal waste, we as people also need to play our part and take responsibility.  We should be very careful and aware of all the dangers and celebrate Eid in a manner that it does not become source of tragedy for anyone.

Raja Shafaatullah