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Timely Karachi Press Club raid prevents miscreants from committing journalism

KARACHI – Pakistan Rangers on Monday entered into the remote tribal area of Karachi Press Club, a prominent hideout of the region’s wanted media persons, located roughly 3.5 km from the Pakistan Stock Exchange, to conduct an operation to arrest miscreants behind journalism and other anti-state activities.

“Troops of Pakistan Rangers entered into the press club and it was totally cordoned off and some four localities were searched out for particular people,” a Rangers official said.

He disclosed that only the top Rangers officials were leading the operation so entire details about what has been achieved so far is neither known by administration nor police had any idea.

However, the press release issued from the highest PR body confirmed that the raid was timely and fulfilled its objectives.

“The Karachi Press Club raid being carried out in a surprising, timely, and effective manner, has effectively prevented miscreants from committing journalism,” the PR underlined.

Meanwhile, the representatives of the anti-state actors have condemned the powerful raid, which has exposed their links to the Indian and Afghan spy agencies.

In a statement, the KPC governing body dubbed the operation, which the entire country has taken pride in, an ‘intrusion’ on to rights. Similarly, the PFUJ urged that ‘serious notice’ be taken, clearly worried about the future of its funding from Research & Analysis Wing and the National Directorate of Security.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.