Op-Ed: “It could’ve been worse. PPP could’ve been governing more provinces” | Pakistan Today

Op-Ed: “It could’ve been worse. PPP could’ve been governing more provinces”

By Nas Shah

This opinion piece is a reiteration of a recent comment that I made on behalf of the provincial government. Let me reconfirm that Sindh government stands by its statement: it could have been worse.

Yes, it could’ve been much worse. The PPP could’ve been governing more provinces. Haters will say the first two statements of this paragraph are interlinked. But they are not.

What I mean to say is that things could have been much worse – period. And the PPP could have been governing more provinces – period. I don’t need to remind you of the systematic rigging against the PPP in both 2018 and 2013, by voters who chose not to vote for the PPP. Now, let me further elaborate on how things could have been worse.

No one is seeing the bigger picture. If you all constantly just think of yourself and your problems all you do is look selfish and self-obsessed.

This rain, for one, has been an opportunity and we’ve made full use of said opportunity. In a way this has ensured that people stay at home and remain safe from covid-19.

We could not have stopped people from going to markets, parks etc. Stopping them from going to mosques was blasphemy anyway. But this way, no one can go anywhere.

Even after the rain water subsides, all the cars and bikes will take days to get fixed. Tell us if any other strategy could have kept people home.

You will see that there is no lasting damage. We have had a huge problem with trash, and all of that has been washed out from streets. I have seen many videos where trash and sewage is being carried away. It is doing our work for us, I’m telling you.

Imagine the kind of workforce we would need to sweep through all these streets and roads. Karachi is a huge city, the biggest in Pakistan. You can’t even keep the lane you live in clean and you expect us to make sure the whole city is clean.

The rain was sent by Allah. The rain helped us. The rain did it all for us. We need to learn to look at the bright side as a nation. We keep complaining about everything.

And honestly, this is a city with so many mazaars. We don’t have calamities here. How can you say that the rain is bad? Obviously it’s nothing but rehmat from Allah.

Has a cyclone ever hit Karachi? No. It’s not because we’re all good people – especially those ruling here – it’s because of the rehmat. That’s why so many stores are called Rehmat-e-something in the city – those people get it.

But do you get it? No, you only think about yourself.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.