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Why we sacrifice

Eid-ul-Azha has arrived, the time has come once again to remember and repeat Hazrat Khalil’s Sunnah of love. Hazrat Khalil had a loving performance which God always preserved among his followers. Millions of Muslims sacrifice animals at God’s command. In obedience to this command, the environment, society, needs, benefits, everything is secondary. The real thing is God’s command. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) declared sacrifice to be the Sunnah of Abraham. He continued to offer sacrifices in Madinah for ten years.
As soon as the sacrificial season arrives, the door of doubt opens once again. Some people object to it from a religious point of view and some from a social point of view. Some people see that in ancient times blood was given to the gods, and even children were sacrificed in their way. This is a continuation of that. The piety of your hearts reaches him. A person who thinks that all these actions and terms, such as the command of God, the fulfillment of love, the Sunnah of the Prophet, piety have no significance and meaning, is thinking differently from this framework. Not just from this particular component, but from the whole framework that is interpreted in the name of religion.
From the study of Maulana Maududi’s books, it is clear that the things that people are considering new today and counting in the miracles of their intellect, the old form of ignorance is manifested in a new way. Atheistic civilization is considered to be the ascension of modern human intellect while it is pure ignorance which has had different versions in its history. Therefore, it is not correct to call someone else’s ideology a continuation of the same ideology on the basis that such ideologies have been wrong in history, and only if this is the basis of rejection, then the values of modernity are a continuation of ignorance. Yes, no value is new. The Muslim will look at the Qur’an and Sunnah in all circumstances, regardless of the circumstances in which this ideology has existed in history. Can’t help the poor instead of sacrificing? The God who has commanded the sacrifice has also set a share in the wealth of the Muslims to help the poor, while the meat of the sacrifice also helps the poor. It has a complete package with a fixed portion for each item. Even helping the poor is necessary or commendable because it is a command from God, then why ignore this command elsewhere. If morality is determined apart from religion, then only those who are fit will survey it. He who is not fit should die or he will have to die in the end. If the sick or the weak were cut down in the early human settlements or in the forest life, why can’t the same ethics be enforced today? After all, when it comes to thinking outside of God’s command, the beauty and ugliness of anything is not fixed. Whatever man thinks and decides is good.
Is Sacrifice Cruelty to Animals? Who defines what is called oppression? The thing in which the majority of human beings participate, animals bite and eat, then does it become oppression at a certain time? Some people say that social factors such as how many animals are needed, whether the society can afford it or not, how much it can be a threat to the environment, all these things should be taken into consideration. But your problem is beyond comprehension.
When the animals are reduced, the sacrifice will stop by itself. Sacrifices have to be made. That is why so much attention is paid to these animals. So many people raise them and raise them.

Kashif Kalwar

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