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Fuel prices set on fire

The government increased the price of fuel by 34% and diesel by 27% last month without any notice or reason. The only justification with price increase is that we (Pakistan) have the cheapest oil prices in the region.
I voted for this government in the last election. I don’t regret it as we were looking for a change. The change, however, has been so dramatic and frightening that it cannot be put into words. The whole system has choked, and inflation has sky-rocketed during these two years. The poor have become poorer and the middle class has gone below the poverty line. The Prime Minister and his cabinet have failed to control the bureaucrats, thus resulting in failure of controlling commodity prices. The shortage of sugar, atta and petrol – with all three in surplus quantity – shows the incompetence of this government. They even failed to properly prosecute previous leaders, one of their biggest promises.
Mr. Prime Minister I know you are a sportsman and you fight till the end… but believe in me that the masses have reached their breaking point. I think you should return to the pavilion (Bani Gala), Injured honourably.

Ali Riaz



    Your comment…no I think The Writter is Seeing Dream and Is in nightmare,,,

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