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Sindh issues code of conduct for collecting sacrificial hides

KARACHI: The Sindh Home Department on Thursday issued a code of conduct for the collection of sacrificial hides on Eidul Azha according to which parties and organisations that collect the hides should get a permit from the commissioner or deputy commissioner concerned.

Officials said the home ministry had stated that on Eidul Azha various political, religious and social welfare organisations or parties collect the hides of sacrificial animals.

“It becomes a matter of competition among the organisations and parties which creates law and order problems for the provincial government,” said a notification of the home ministry.

“Keeping in view this situation the government has decided that for collection of hides, approval from the concerned commissioner or deputy commissioner is required.”

It said only those parties, organisations, welfare bodies and religious institutions would be allowed to collect sacrificial skins that were duly registered and their heads had signed the code of conduct and abide by the rules and regulations of the code.

“No [one] else is allowed to install camps for the collection of skins or hides. Use of loudspeakers, writing or chanting of slogans and announcements from mosques or offices of any political parties and organisations will not be allowed.”

Besides, the notification said posters and banners used for the collection of hides were also prohibited.

“No one will be allowed to collect the hides door-to-door. However, every individual is allowed to donate the hides as per one’s own will wherever and to whom he thinks eligible to get the skins.”