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Educational institutes or harassment centers?

As it’s witnessed by everyone that recent cases of harassment are reported by the students of educational institutes, either from the students of schools, colleges or universities.

Recently, two such cases came into limelight. In one of the cases, a foreign student studying at University of Karachi was harassed by the officials of the respective department. Furthermore, she was also threatened when she opened up about this issue in front of the media. The other case is related with the students of Lahore grammar school, in which some school students raise their voices against the school administration and teachers, stating that their teachers had tried to harass them and upon complaining this issue to the higher school officials, none of the concerned authorities listened to them and ignored this issue.

After a week or two, 3 school teachers were fired from their job who were found guilty of the allegations, on the other hand, the students of LGS also figured out  Omair Rana, a famous TV artist, as an accused one, who was working as a teacher of art.

Previously, the educational institutes were considered as a place where parents sent their children fearlessly, but now the situation has changed and the educational institutes are losing their real identity.

It’s my due request to all those in authority to take strict actions against all these culprits, and not show any mercy and sympathy against the accused ones.