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War mongering 

One day ago an Indian soldier assaulted (Loc) wantonly, Result was this, that five people got injured including women. Why India don’t want peace, why they want to bunting themselves in bothered. Pakistani southearted soliders didn’t do anything, it’s not mean that they have fear of you, at behest of our prime Minister, we want peace. If Indian government craves to decimate Pakistan, then they are in omission. First of fall they will have elapse from our morts. But if we want to combat that, we have been done already. Bellum is not good for both of us, by doing this our generations will be wrecked. So here I will say to India be in your senses, otherwise you will be in deficit, so don’t be in vagrant, it will embroiled you in gash. Be firm, it will efficacious for both of us.

Mian Hamid Ali Tunio.


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    Your comment…good,,,It is right that We want peace while India a crocodile nature country tries to destablize the situation