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Our ruling elites

It seems we do not learn anything from history. The ruling elite, be it the politicians or the other side, seem to have never ending lust for power and greed for money, which already led to dismemberment of the country in 1971. However, those in the power circles seem completely oblivious. While institutions have never learnt to work within their boundary, the politicians keep creating room for them to expand into their domain. Every election brings a new government that makes the past one look like angles. The politicians keep accusing and abusing each other for spreading corruption while overlooking the mess right under their own wings. They make fiery speeches in parliament without any purpose or manner where one can expect improvement. The only purpose seems point scoring. They say what they must utter and leave without hearing the response because they know well what that would be. All they care is about their own interests while the poor citizens who vote for them keep struggling with the consequences of their corruption and incompetence.

Raja Shafaatullah


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