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Killed by current

People of Pakistan have suffered a lot of problems in a hope that one day, our very own motherland will be governed in such a way that we will touch the skies of success. Every government fills hopes of a better tomorrow in the head of public and after getting what they want (VOTES), they shatter down this Illusion with their performance. A heart wrenching news of a boy being killed by current in korangi Karachi is one of the examples that how much powerless government is in front of these influential mafias. Load shedding in Karachi during these months of the year, where the temperature doesn’t go below 40 degree Celsius, is not less than a torture. People who are bearing this, they will get frustrated and will try to find an alternative by putting their lives in danger and that’s exactly what happened in korangi.

Now the question which emerged here is that who to blame? The guy who got his son killed by trying to find alternative way to comfort his family in load shedding or the government who has power to handle this problem very easily but it is too busy in sledging their opposition leaders. A simple logic applies here, the boy got killed by the irresponsible behavior of the government towards public and now it’s time for government to confront those woes, who are responsible for this blood sucking, murderous and cruel load shedding.

Mian Aizaz