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We all know that education is a tool which benefits all along the life, and  it is also the most important weapon for everyone to succeed in life.

But do we know that our country’s 40% population is illiterate and the reason that our country is not as developed as other countries is probably  that 40% population of illiterate families.

Most of the families in Pakistan are destitude from the authorities, they don’t even care with what talents and intelligence their children are blessed,

Girls are not allowed to get higher studies even when they are exceedingly capable in studies, families that wants to educate their children and wants them to become successful in life by achieveing more and more knowledge are helpless because they can’t afford, while riches are not taking attentiveness and unluckily they are exasperate towards education.

We all know very well that every individual have equal rights to get education as our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: Education is compulsory from craddle to grave.

Today, across the world 75 million children are prevented from going to schools each day.

That’s why each and every children should be thankful to their God if they have such families and parents who are well known with wealth of knowledge and should work hard and make them feel proud by your efforts and success.

Arifa Saeed



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    Your comment…great idea the writer have,,,that we should be thankful and grateful to Allah Almighty that We are being born in a family who much know about the Education importance otherwise we would have devastated completly