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Hand in hand 

This phrase is a strength to unity, history has encouraged to walk shoulder to shoulder with sharing wounds, its a best cure to release pressure from brain but the way we are going through situation or pandemic isn’t it good to leave hands and wash them?

Yes, it’s about corona, I know each one is writing on it but none of them has highlighted those who have been taking it as a joke. From the first case till now these people couldn’t believe it as real they are busy in their own content but the table was turned when this disease surround them, the usually used words to nation from them were “please take it seriously” whilst realising mistakes, cursing fortune and begging for prayers. Do not let it happen to you. There is no such difficulty in washing hands and wearing mask but for them it’s same as to sneeze with open eyes.

Hand in hand is hazardous where virus has settled down, where there are no follow ups for hygiene, these fellows must behave  eventually even though in interior sindh families arranged weddings and on a serious note i myself say them dying in corona not one or two but in double digits. Families of families went in mouth of death and cleared blood lines.

I truly request through this article that if you are walking out then it’s a clear rope of execution on your parent’s throat and that rope is tightened with your feet so please stay home and let government neutralise this country

Suhail Saeed Tunio



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