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Remembering Edhi

 On 28 of February 1928, one of the giant person took birth in Bantva Gujarat later he moved to karachi, the person we know as Abdul sattar edhi, the richest poor man. He was also the proprietor of (Edhi Foundation). He always helped the proletarian, and he helped till his last breath. Abdul sattar edhi was fraught with fondness and tenderness. He had the percption of devoids, because he was poor oneslef, but he was magnated by heart. He was a person who always in consideration to meliority of remediless and impuissant. Abdul sattar edhi is the name of  view-point which will never end, and also he will be alive in the hearts of people, but habitude of the world that at the end everyone has to leave this fatalistic world, and also a sympathetic of destitute ones Abdul sattar edhi aslo relinquish this perishable world on 8th of July in the age of 92 years. This was an agonized day for all humans but mostly for restricted, harbourless, and for displaced ones.

I have no more words to describe the epithet of Abdul sattar edhi. Whatever I write in the applaud of Abdul sattar edhi, iam proffering this compliment to the legend Abdul sattar edhi.

My Red salute to stouthearted Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Mian Hamid Ali Tunio

Miro Khan