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Political situation 

In the world of politics, being ostentatious is one of the greatest requirement to achieve what you want. Showing off the work they do or exposing their opposition, has become a daily life habit of Pakistani politicians. Ever since the concept of politics arrived in our country, the blame game has played a major part. Either the politicians simply do not use their power or if they do, they do it to humiliate others in the eyes of the public.

Recently the problem of drainage system in the Karachi got into headlines because of moonson. Lot of criticisms emerged from every corner of the country but some politicians took it too far by gluing other politician photos on sewers. Being an MNA by himself, doing this kind of cheap tricks doesn’t come under the ethical boundaries we have. A member of the national assembly; who has the power to speak directly to the government and higher authorities, chose not to talk these problems out on a legitimate platform, not to use the power he has but instead he chose to go down on the road of political tricks just to show the public how irresponsible other political parties are. These tricks will only create conflict and it will become a big hindrance on the way of progress so rather than humiliating each other, they should really be working together to fix the domestic issues of our country and only by the cooperation we can lead our country in harmony.

Mian Aizaz Ahmed 


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