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Temple in Islamabad

Besides the debate on how to control COVID-19, the other recent debate in the country these days is the construction of a temple in Islamabad.

As the construction work on temple began in Islamabad recently, religious fanatics went at the site of temple and broke the wall which was initially built as a mark of temple foundation.

Religious leaders and scholars have registered their strong protest against building of temple in Islamabad. Some are of the opinion that they are not against building of temple but why government of Pakistan is paying the construction expenses of temple from exchequer’s money?

According to these religious leaders and scholars, the money in government treasury is the tax money of Muslims and should not be used for construction of temple for Hindus.

If this is how the religious leaders and scholars of this country are looking at it, let me remind them that government recently built religious place for Sikhs in Kartarpur. Why no one raised any objection at that time? Probably because the construction of Kartarpur corridor was announced by someone in uniform? And the construction of temple for Hindus has been announced by an elected government?

For the purpose of record, construction of this temple was announced by the then President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, carry forwarded by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. Both the parties feared backlash from religious parties and never built the temple. The present government of PTI decided to complete the long awaited project.

I have a question for the religious leaders and scholars of this country.

Can a Hindu donate money in the construction of a Mosque? The answer is big No because even Zakat money cannot be used for construction of Mosque.

Now, when government of Pakistan pays money for construction of Mosque or Madressah, the money used from government treasury also include tax money of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis etc.

How does this money become pure for the construction of Mosque or Madressah? If Pakistan is a Islamic Republic, why we don’t have Shariah in the country? Why are our courts providing justice (if they are providing any) under the law of the British?

Pakistan can only prosper if matters of state and religion are treated separately. I suggest that announcement of temple is made once again but this time by a man in uniform !





    Your comment…yeah [email protected] temple should be built as it is our prerogative to support and keep the minorities safe in a safe heaven which may be their religion or other necessity

  2. Truth Seeker said:

    Apologize for breaking your bubble but in a secular Pakistan probably it could be built but in an Islamic State non-Muslim places or worship are protected and practice of religion is supported but no new construction is permitted (regardless of the source of funds). Your lack of religious knowledge resulted in this article. Don’t cite human rights or equality since both the aforementioned logical arguments might not probably allow you to marry your sister/daughter with a non-Muslim or accept an alcoholic drink/pork when offered with passion and to build interfaith harmony by a respected non-Muslim.
    The point being, what is not allowed is not allowed and you don’t tinker with Almighty’s law. Your hands are tied. Apologize politely and let them use the temples which are already available. Give them the one that is being used by tourism department and labeled as world heritage. Let them pray there while they keep their din within the premises of the temple. Only if vandalism was the reason then repairs can be done utilizing Muslim money as compensation. Otherwise it is forbidden.
    If you have doubts, then look up religious text and you will know the answer. Research it. Evidence based knowledge is the requirement of the hour.

  3. Ash said:

    It is 2020, and the religion of peace, Islam, is showing how unkind it can be to its own minorities, to the point that they go out of their way to destroy temple walls. How about the money and land given to the muslims in India to build a new mosque because of the destruction of the babri masjid? How can they accept that money? It seems muslim clergy is only playing a game to whatever suits them, regardless of what their religion says. You cant have your cake and eat it too.