Indian Navy’s plans to infiltrate Rawal Dam, Islamabad foiled | Pakistan Today

Indian Navy’s plans to infiltrate Rawal Dam, Islamabad foiled

[The article below is a piece of fictional satire. Learn to take a joke. You’ll live longer.]

The Indian Navy’s secret plans to infiltrate the Rawal Dam outside Islamabad have been foiled through a swift action by the Pakistan Navy.

“We know that since the Indians have a Blue Water Navy, their nautical projection can be far deeper than ours,” said defence minister Pervez Khattak, reading off a document that was prepared for him. “That always meant the chance that the Indians can undertake adventurism at any point in time.”

“We intercepted some internal communication of the Indian Navy about their plans to establish effective control of the critical Rawal Dam, Islamabad,” he said. “That is why the Pakistan Navy whipped into action and have developed some infrastructure on the lake.”

There are plans for the Pakistan Coast Guard to also build a presence on the lake and also the Maritime Security Agency. 

“Nothing extensive. Just a club each and two weddings halls to share between the three of them.”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.