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Yemen’s plight

 “When the entire World is braving COVID-19 they are braving hunger.” The United Nations report about Yemen is scary; it has warned that Yemen is on the verge of yet another Famine. Yemen that had a magnificent Past was yanked into drought- Like situation after the agony-spattered civil war that instigated in 2016.

According to UN, s Food and agriculture organization (FAO) the bursting plague-COVID19 and insufficient remittance from gulf countries have further aggravated the circumstances in the country, the Saudi- Iran clash is also a chief cause of humanitarian crisis in the region.

The public health facility of the country with several discrepancies has buckled after the rash of COVID-19 when mortality ratio by reason of food dearth is at its peak.  Around 80 percent of the total population is reliant on foreign aid while the rest is waiting for any divine mercy.

As many as 80 thousand children have succumbed to starvation across Yemen within the period of five years while 130 children are dying of it per day. In addition to these facts 5 million children are likely to be affected if the things continue to deteriorate like that.

United Nations Organization that is the torch bearer of humanity must not only declare calamity but should also take steps to embark upon those calamities

Kamran Khamiso Khowaja