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Suicide prevention

Life is full of different situations and feelings. Nuisance and happiness are part of life. Some people are happy and some people are deplorable and distressed from depression.

people commit suicide because of depression, home affairs and many more troubles in their lives. Recently an Indian actor named Sushant Singh Rajpoot committed suicide because of more depression. He was an illustrious Indian actor. He had every thing. He had reputation, he was a wealthy man too instead of that he commited suicide because of depression.

people in the world get pain and conceive about suicide, not even they cogitate about suicide, but they commit suicide. They don’t think that their parents and children will endure a lamentable life because of him.

So I have to tell to all humanity that you shouldn’t think about suicide, think ahead for good things and good deeds and achieve your life’s goals.

Arsal Kalhoro