Injustice | Pakistan Today


On 9th July 2019 over a year ago an anchor person Mureed Abbas was murdered by one of his friend with the help of gun. Everything was cleared why was he killed and who killed him but his killer Atif Zaman and his companion Adil Zaman is relieved once again on the bases of 50 thousands rupees of bail, knowing that he was mainly involved in the case and gun was belonging to him. Judiciary completely failed, not only this but he has been chilling in jail, getting hair cuts, playing cricket it doesn’t mean our police is kind but they have been paid or spying him for a long time. Mureed Abbas was married and had a child, his wife told media Adil’s frauds and fake death of his parents, rolling of money, getting richer in less than a year and completing his dreams with black money. Mureed Abbas was a nice man told by her wife when he disclosed his secrets Adil shot him in chest. His window has tried reach supreme court and sindh government yet there is no clue to justice with window and innocent child. Even though the CCTV footages are on record of police in which suspect is holding gun and killed them. Judiciary must take some strict steps and show it real power that how justice can slap right off criminal’s mindset.

Suhail Saeed Tunio