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Failing to defend government policies

  • PTI tries to create distractions

The opposition is doing precisely what it always does, that is, exposing and criticizing government policies. There was a unanimity among the PPP and JUI(F) leaders who met at Bilwal House Karachi that the PM is incompetent, arrogant and egotistical. In their public statements and speeches delivered inside the National Assembly, opposition leaders from the PML(N), JI, ANP and other parties have focused on shortages and rising prices of food items and petroleum and the government’s failure to deal with the locust attacks. As the opposition comprises different parties, there are naturally differences of approach in its ranks. Many had expected that the leader of the opposition would hold a meeting of the like-minded parties to hammer out a joint strategy soon after recovering from the coronavirus. As this has not happened, some in the opposition have expressed dismay

The ruling party however is not doing what it is supposed to do, which is argue the government’s case and defend its policies that are currently under attack. No PTI leader has explained why prices continue to rise despite the PM’s repeated orders to bring them down. Some in the party in fact agree that their government had failed to implement its important policies and has consequently lost support. A federal minister told VoA the party has suffered from factionalism and the infighting has caused a political vacuum leading to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s core team falling apart. There is a perception that even those who facilitated the PTI’s rise to power are disillusioned with the performance of its leadership.

Apparently convinced that it is not possible to defend the government’s policies that are causing suffering to the people at large, Federal Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi has tried to take away the public attention from the ongoing debate by accusing the PPP leadership of being hand in glove with the criminals in the past. Failing to create any impact, he has now come up with yet another red herring. What bothers the people most at present are power shortages in Karachi and the rising price of bread and sugar in the country, rather than what happened ten years back in Lyari.