Why not schools? | Pakistan Today

Why not schools?

The Education Minister has decided to open the educational institutions from September. If this didn’t happen now, private sectors are likely to face bankruptcy in no time. A single private institute is the reason for around 60 homes food as we are clearly aware about unemployment rate in Pakistan. Some support this idea while others don’t. But if the government is easing the lockdown and other economic sectors then why not schools and colleges? Same kids are wandering in malls, restaurants and streets. They have no danger of being infected in other places except schools? So far, no one knows how long this virus is with us and for how long we are going to live in this pandemic but everyone knows a country already lagging behind in education with the pace of the modern world will remain behind forever due to further delays. Educational institutions need to open under strict SOPs and prevention. New steps need to be taken to cover everything we have lost. Many countries have already reopened their schools because they want no compromise with education and the result for this act is very well.

Aisha Farooq