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The real virus 

A living virus which converts living organisms into non livings, world’s well known non contracted killer named (Corona) which has no limit where it started from 2 to 234,509 in pakistan till now, very least number of people had hidden themselves inside and other are roaming like a soul. Until first lockdown it was treated accordingly but then its fright was cleaned out which let it to peek in every human body and raised up symptoms but most dangerous are asymptomatic with the slight taste of death.

Government is jumping obstacles of ineligibility, they have been surrounded with nation’s vomit and opposition’s corrupt clenches and worst decision, as authority observed people around are dying from starvation and unemployment they unlocked areas and allowed to traffic and trade, people misused orders and broke laws of SOPs then arose to churn each corner also tedium arrangements for weddings. Vaguely specified families understand the manner. actually we have poked corona to deal us experience of death, as pakistanis are found of games of death they gave auditions and passed after that they have been instigating it.

In addition to clean spew and to reclaim normal life, economy, health and lost resources, public places must be prevented along with social distancing and standard operating procedures.

Suhail Saeed tunio 



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