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Promotions in Pakistan Air Force announced

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Friday promoted one officer to the rank of air marshal and 10 others were promoted as air vice marshals, said a spokesperson of the Pakistan Air Force.

“The Government of Pakistan has promoted Air Vice Marshal Aamir Masood to the rank of Air Marshal,” he said.

He added that 10 air commodores have been promoted to the rank of air vice-marshal as well. Seven of the officers were from the general duty (pilot) branch and three others were from the PAF’s engineering branch.

The promoted officers from the GD (P) branch were Air Vice Marshal Amir Rashid, Air Vice Marshal S Fauad Masud Hatmi, Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Jamal Arshad, Air Vice Marshal Zaffar Aslam, Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Sarfraz, Air Vice Marshal Kazim Hammad and Air Vice Marshal Shakil Ghazanfar.

The officers from the engineering branch, who were promoted to the next rank, were Air Vice Marshal Irfan Zaheer, Air Vice Marshal Asif Maqsood and Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Amir Hayat.