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PIA suspension in USA

An Airline is not just the transportation method to travel, it’s an international representation of our country. First being suspended in The UK and Europe, PIA downfall carries on with the same level of pace and with the equal level of efforts,  it got suspension in the USA as well. While going through all kinds of horrible situations, Pakistan’s governance simply do not care about anything at all and they are just playing blame game. Suspending pilots with dubious license is one thing but what should they really be focusing on is, Who allotted them these licenses in this highly reputed governmental department. Of course alot of black sheep will be revealed. The cause of downfall will be crystal clear but as always, like every other department in our country, PIA is also under the influence of those vicious wolves who are you ruining every working department in our country with the only interest to benefit themselves. It is an alarming situation for governement. Including PIA, all other departments should be sanitized from these kind of evil germs, who are not willing to see Pakistan in progress. International transport is not a domestic level problem to be handle with ease, it needs quick action and implementation in order to restore the previous level of superiority.

Mian Aizaz Ahmed