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Child marriages

 Child marriage is generally understood to mean marriages that took place before age 18. It is a tremendous face that the COVID-19 is fundalmdntally changing the course of young women’s lives . Already home to one of the highest rates of child marriages , and secondly the right activists fear a surge in underage unions . However, before coronavirus pandemic struck , there was an alarming situation of early marriages in the country . As Pakistan, being a democratic country is home to an acute population where child marriages seems to one’s nation misconception. The remote areas have reported an increase in earlier marriages . Since schools shut down and economic and mafias pressure on the high rates worsening the situation of our societies. The early and forced marriages are so common in Africa where 38% of girls becomes child brides. You should surely understand that the child marriage is a human rights violation , which the practice remains widespread. Have you ever thought about how to prevent it . Surely if a little gazed deep we couldn’t lose our children’s lives into a tailspin. I request the authorities to undertake this issue inorder to secure children’s lives.



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