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Thar situation

During the coronavirus people passed through a lot of troubles, but mostly the people of thar. They were also vexing, but now they are most. Government should have to peruse the circumstances of thar, which are always quarreling with the occult.

For many years People of thar losing their lives due to scarcity of food and water. One day ago their four kids has been died, due to the inchoate of nourishment. Just in six months 473 people have died in thar, just because of frailty, fame, and ailment.

So the government should have to think about how to endow convenience to the people of thar. Because they are in a bewildering stance and they are living their lives in distress. So the government should step forward and accomplish their basic facilities because it is the incumbent of government.

I will also request the Sindh government to reconsider this case, and save the lives of people of thar.

Mian Hamid Ali Tunio.


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