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Security dilemma

A huge fortune requires giant dedication and strength to win it. History is a tool to understand the past, play in the present and positively predict the future. Pakistan is also part of this case in terms of d oozy geo-strategic posture and holds the title of a nuclear weapon state. But Pakistan has been tasting of its own medicines in the arena of International affairs and unfortunately the trend is still on the same path.

While the geo-strategic location of Pakistan, that should have been in favor of our country, is turned into upset and perilous challenges from its neighbors. Due to the plethora of internal challenges faced by Pakistan, they disable it to cope with its hostile neighbors. The main principle area of our foreign policy that needs to be re-energized and analyzed critically is shifting of security based policies to economic stability that leads to prosperity. Economy and politics have strong bondage, off and on politics leaves a strong imprint on our economy, similar to, counter terrorism is affecting our economy a huge part of our budget tilt towards the security perspective.

As far as Pakistan and India’s relation is concerned, their relation has witnessed an unmanageable phase of circumstances, both countries are implicated in blame game and have used several tools to dent the reputation of each other in international politics. Avoiding any further bloodshed, Pakistan and India should rethink their pattern of decisions. Why don’t governments of both countries join hands to sort out issues that are falling heavy economic burdens on their budget, yet receive none other than losses and mistrust?

Shafi Ahmed Khowaja

Jati Sujawal

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